We are organized not-for-profit and the nature of our business or purpose to be conducted or promoted is:  To present a lifestyle to all people firmly based upon the standards of HONESTY, UNSELFISHNESS, CONCERNED LOVE, and SELF-DISCIPLINE, named "Our Four Absolutes".  These standards will be communicated through the medium of music, personal growth workshops, community service projects, and/or other tools as deemed necessary by the governing body. We will strive to bring out the greatest potential in others by attempting to live our lives guided by these standards.

What is People International, Inc. (PII)?

People International is a non-profit musical performance organization that spreads a positive message through the medium of music and community service. We are made up of members ranging from teens to seniors. We come from all over the world and vary in talent from amateurs to professionals. We come from all different socioeconomic backgrounds and religions. We are students, lawyers, teachers, truck drivers, and engineers, to mention but a few.


What does People International do?

The members of People International, Inc. (PII) meet several times a year, with the main focus being on our week long summer conference to benefit a chosen charity. Members from all over the country flock to a chosen state and diligently work together to create a musical production that will delight audiences, but also impress upon the message of the Four Absolutes (HONESTY, UNSELFISHNESS, CONCERNED LOVE, and SELF-DISCIPLINE.) Not only do we work on our show, but we learn to work together, despite age differences, levels of talent, and many different walks of life. We come together to celebrate the good things in life and ourselves; to challenge what we can change in this world; to sing and dance; make new friends; and to raise funds for a local charity in need. It is our belief that there is greatness in all people and that we as individuals can make this world a better place. We attempt to bring out that greatness by providing a supporting environment in which each individual's creativity can flourish.


There is a wealth of information contained on this web site. We are happy that you have come to find out more about us and maybe become part of our extended family. Point and click to read about our history, what conference is all about, information on how to become a new member, past and present charities, or just to make a new friend or two!